1. Grazia B./Dharamsala/Dr. Dawa Dolma
  2. I'm trying for 5 years to have a child, and no changing. My friend by pregnant with Tibetan medicine and propose me to take the rest she's still have. I don’t want. Only after 3 years of tentative, I'm decided to try. And after about 3 months, I was pregnant. Hi To!

  3. Meenakshi D./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  4. Diagnosis: non specific arthritis. Attacks of swelling and pain in both knees off and one or two attacks in a year.

    I am completely cured of arthritis by the treatment given by the doctor. Treatment was continued for 1 and half year and since 1995, I have no attack of arthritis. Tibetan medicine did not cause gastric irritation or problems of hyperacidity, as it does, in case of allopathic medicine that are used for arthritis problem. I am obliged and thankful to Tibetan medicine and doctor.

  5. Salima B./ Dr. Tsering Choekyi
  6. On my first consultation with the doctor, I was told to do a urine test by just smelling the urine. Doctor diagnosed me with arthritis and rheumatism. I was given 2 weeks of medication which eased my pain. I was told to forego certain food items like lentils and a few vegetables and frozen food and those belonging to the tuber family. I was also advised to stay off mutton and pork. The other treatment included soaking myself at hot springs in Tibet. I did this every hour and sometimes at midnight when there were less people. After the hot spring treatment I could bend my fingers.

    Before the treatment I could not bend my fingers, I could not even extend my fingers to lift cup. I continued these Tibetan medicines- Samnor Nila, Rinchen 9 jor, Agar 8, Rana Samphel, Dali 18, Sengden 23, Dali 16, Sengden 25 for a year and returned to the hotsprings "Tuelow Sulphur Springs" about 2 and half drive west of Lhasa. I now feel completely cured and only in winter months I have to take these medicines. I feel 35 again.

  7. Praveen M./Majnukatila/Dr. Gyurme Tenzin
  8. For the last one year I am suffering from B.P. and sugar. I am taking medicines regularly from this hospital and I am getting improvement in my disease. I am 58 years old and my B.P. is now in a control position.

  9. Mahapatra/Bhubaneshwar/Dr. Ngawang Dorjee
  10. Getting treatment for frozen shoulder and joint pain in the Tibetan medicine center i.e Men-Tsee-Khang Govt. Qr. No. VIC ½ Unit – 1, Bapuji Nagar, Bhubaneshwar. The treatment rendered to her is immensely beneficial to her. The medicine is very much useful and delivers desired result.
    I wish all success for the doctor and staff and above all the Tibetan medicine Center all over India. Service to mankind is service to God. This is the objective of Tibetan Medicine Center.

  11. Dilip S./Salugara/Dr. Tenzin Norbu
  12. I have been taking treatment from her suffering from kidney stone 4.6 mm and liver abscess as well. After taking treatment from here I am completely cured.

  13. Mr. Dakpa/Gangkyi/Dr. Dawa Chodon
  14. On 25 April, 2012 TMAI organized a peptic ulcer and diabetes screening camp in Norbulingka, in which I came to know that I have high blood sugar RBS – 438 mg/dl. I was told to do more tests and my FBS-216 and PBS – 397. I started on Tibetan herbal medicine from Men-Tsee-Khang since 12 June, 2012. Since then I had regular check up my sugar and taken medicine from TMAI. And now I am much better and my sugar is now FBS-117 mg on 15 Jan, 2013. My sugar level has been under control now and I am very happy with the result. I am still taking Tibetan medicine only.

  15. Jeevan C./Leh-Ladakh/Dr. Sonam Dickey
  16. I was suffering with whole body pain especially in neck and backbone since 9 June 2009.
    I had taken ‘Allopathy’ treatment but there is no improvement to me .Now I have taken treatment from ‘Tibetan Medical’ with effect from 11 Oct 2012 and within two months I feel that there is a tremendous change in my body. Now whole body is free from all type of pain. Treatment is still going on and I am taking ‘pill’ regularly.
    I am suggesting to all my colleague patients that to take treatment from ‘Tibetan Medical’. I am feeling very well now a day.
    God bless ‘Tibetan Medical’
    Thanking you.

  17. Ali K./Nizamuddin/Dr. Tsewang Tamdin
  18. A lump (gelatin) of one and half year developed in neck. Doctors said it was a case of cancer. Despite treatment by cancer specialist the lump did not heal. The patient improved. The lump in neck started oozing out watery liquid. In about five and half month s, the lump (gelatin) vanished completely.
    Beside about ten years old constipation and headache subsided and is now free from these ailments.
    In the nutshell due to magnificent healing capacity of Tibetan Medicines and dedicated of diligent attentive care of the learned Tibetan doctors, the patient (75) years is now hale, hearty and in perfect rosy health.

  19. Babubhai G./Navi Mumbai/Dr. Tashi Wangdue
  20. I am age 74 years and had Gallbladder cancer for the five years.
    On recommendation of my friends I was put under your treatment and within ten months there was tremendous improvement in my condition and that too without any side effects.
    As such I am highly obliged to you, and at the same time would like to recommend your treatment to other fellow brothers suffering from any similar type of diseases
    Once again thanking you.

  21. Udhe/ Mainpat/Dr. Nyima Gyaltsen
  22. Primary liver cancer. Liver became enlargement with severe pain on abdominal area, lost of appetite, sleeplessness, giddiness and couldn’t go here and there.
    From last five years back I was suffering from enlarge of liver with very painfully, so I took Allopathic Medical for one year, but there is no improvement, that time I was on the bed ride almost one year.
    Then I called doctor to my home and he gave me medicine, so after taken Tibetan medicine every problem of mine better and better day by day. Now my liver is became normal position, good appetite, there is no pain and I can every direction.
    Thank you very much.

  23. Mrs. Indira P./Banglore/Dr.Dorjee Rapten
  24. Ductal Carcinoma Right Breast. Weakness, tiredness, fear of recurring, stomach upset, lots of side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
    I am happy that I decided to take Tibetan medicine. It helped a lots in going much relief for the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Gave me lots of strength and stamina and of course confident to overcome the negative altitude and stress about cancer. Gave me more relaxation and calmness. Now I can withstand the exertion of hectic activities. I am thankful to Tibetan treatment and to one of my cousin who gave me information about this treatment.

  25. Mrs.A.B.Mandal/Nizamuddin/Dr. Sonam Lhamo
  26. Liver cancer. Doctors from A.I.I.M.S advised for operation. Doctors told to the patient, her life is only eight month. She has not done operation but she took the medicine from Tibetan Medical Astro. Institutute till date.
    The doctor of A.I.M.S told the patient only six month life but after taken Tibetan medicine, the patient is becoming much better for three years. She is still alive with good health and there is no any side effect of the medicine.

  27. Poolma.D/Shimla/Dr.Dorjee Tseten
  28. Diabetes. I started taking Tibetan medicine from 1-3-97 to till now .At first my blood sugar pp is 250 and after taking this medicine it comes down to 120.There is a great improvement after taking this medicine . I have a great faith in Tibetan medical system moreover, it hasn’t any side effect.

  29. K.V.N Chari/Orissa/Dr.Pasang Dhondup
  30. Diabetes. I have taken different systems of medicine including homes, Ayurveda and allopathic still continuing. Incidentally a paper advertisement brought me to Dr.Dhondup and the Tibetan system of medicine which I am taking for the past 10 months had given me an immense relief from hyper tension and diabetes. This improvement had boosted my morale and spirits. Now I am very confident that the chronic ailment like hyper tension and diabetes with which I am ailing could be tally cased. I am sure that Dr. Dhondup will be blessed by Lord Buddha with long life to serve mankind. I am grateful to the Tibetan medicine system.

  31. Mrs Dolker/Bir/Dr.Tsering Dorjee
  32. After my check up at local hospital, it was found that I had small cystic ovary or left side and also uterus size was not in shape .After that I had consulted Tibetan doctor at Bir Mentseekhang. There I was given Tibetan medicine .After taking six months of Tibetan medicine, the result of my check up at Palampur hospital came as normal. I was so relieved and I went to thank my Tibetan doctor for his kind medication.

  33. Shri.Payor.S/Shimla/Dr.Pema Yangchen
  34. Actually I had a great problem of blood sugar. I underwent my treatment at different hospital but haven’t found much improvement. After all, I heard of Tibetan medicine and started my treatment from here. At first my fasting blood sugar was nearly 160 and with the help of this medicine, within a month or two it goes down to 98. I am feeling very much better and was cured very well. I have a great faith in the Tibetan medical system.

  35. Susheelabai.L.J/Mundgod/Dr.Tsering Tharchin
  36. After taking Tibetan Medicine, Asthma is reduced to 80%. I had consulted other M.B.B.S doctors but their medicine did not give any relief. After taking medicine in Tibetan hospital, I am alright.

  37. Prakash.V/Banglore/Dr.Tara.N.Lodoe
  38. The effect of Tibetan medicine was good .I am completely satisfied by taking Tibetan medicine. I was suffering from Bronchial (Asthma) and cough. I am now much better feeling well after starting to take Tibetan medicine. And also I had gastric problem and digestive problem. For this the treatment of Tibetan medicine so effective and I am completely relieved from gastric problem, digestive problem.

  39. Milan Dolma/Bhutan/Dr.Jamyang Dolma
  40. Pile that bleeds and pain whenever I pass my stool, bleeding is always there and I totally lost my appetite. I cannot even sit properly; I was in very difficult condition at that time.
    The effect of Tibetan medicine is very positive. I took allopathic medicine for almost a year still my problems persist. When I took Tibetan medicine, within a month blood stops and pain gradually reduce. Even grow my appetite. I think Tibetan medicine is really wonderful treatment that I really appreciate. After I took three months medicine, I am feeling fine, no blood, no pain, everything is perfect for me. I thank Tibetan medicine.

  41. Mrs.S.M.Barapande/Orissa/Dr.Tenzin Yangkyi
  42. After taking Tibetan medicine, I got a fully cure for Asthma and Thyroid. Tibetan medicine is good and not side effect that medicine can slowly cure and lastly fully cure for my chronic disease. After my cure, my all family is only consult with Tibetan medical and medicine. I think medicine helps to poor and needy patient, also rate are not that much high.

  43. Senge/Gangkyi/Dr.Dawa Choedon
  44. I had problem with my left body’s nerves system. I was not able to walk for a whole year. I was bedridden having pain in whole joints and specially nerves. Tibetan medicines were very effective in my case. It is very clear that now I can walk without any problem. Moreover I can now work for my livelihood. I am very much thankful to the Tibetan medicine and grateful to the doctors. Right now I am taking medicines continuously to complete the course even if I am quite healthy.

  45. Rajnish Chandra/Majnukatila/Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang
  46. I had severe pain in my knee, ankle and backbone. There was stiffness also. I feel too much relief. I think, it is nice progress. When I started this medicine, I felt relief quickly. After 2 or 3 month, there was great improvement. Now I feel a little pain. I think it will be cure completely.
    I would like to mention especially that the doctor Tenzin Deche is a very nice man. He has great skill to handle case, great capacity to understand the psychology of patient. He has too much patience. He has patience to listen the patient. God bless him. I think one day he will be the proud of the country.

  47. Lungrik Tashi/Dharamsala/Dr.Wangyal
  48. Stroke disease.
    I was told earlier that Tibetan medicine was the only hope for my kind of sickness, and it proved to be right.
    At the beginning I was not able to move on both legs. The treatment, which consisted of herbal Tibetan medicines and acupuncture steadily improved strength in my legs and not before long, I was able to stand on my feet. That was, of course one of the greatest achievements of my life. Now I am freely able to walk and even run. I am certain that explains how effective the medicines and treatment were in my case. I am indebted to your institution.

  49. Suseela J.S.N/Mumbai/Dr.Tashi Wangdue
  50. Psoriasis
    As the Tibetan medication started, at first the symptoms for these diseases (like scale formation on skin, swellings) were very high, but within a month all these wounds started healing and thus showed a good improvement. Now this medication has shown a much better improvement up to 90%.