David Wong

Thursday 29th August 2013
Klang, Malaysia


Dear staff of Men-Tsee-Khang,

It has been a great pleasure for me to teach you. I am very sorry to have left so suddenly and so early. I really enjoyed teaching and living in Men-Tsee-Khang and I wish that I could have stayed for longer.

I volunteered to come and teach because I wanted to help the Tibetan people enhance their knowledge of English language and culture, with the hope that you would more easily be able to spread knowledge of your own rich culture internationally in the future. Despite staying for such a short period of time, I hope that I have helped you to improve your confidence in reading, writing and speaking English, at least by a small amount.

During my stay I also learnt a lot from you. I am inspired by how hard the Tibetan people work and how strongly bonded you are, both in friendships and in families. I was also touched by your enthusiasm to learn English- it is such a difficult language but you were all determined to improve nevertheless. Most of all I am very grateful for your hospitality and warmness in welcoming me. I have never met such friendly and kind-hearted people.

When I departed from Dharamsala I did not have the time to say goodbye to everyone. However, I do not wish to say goodbye to you now. I departed in a state of emergency and suffered for many days because of a great loss from my family. Many people were saying ‘goodbye’ but Tibetan thinking has taught me that a better thing to say would be ‘see you soon’. And so in the future I intend to return to Men-Tsee-Khang either to visit or to continue teaching.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for this unique opportunity for me to share my knowledge of English with you, and also to learn a great deal from you. I do not know how I can ever repay you for your hospitality and gifts. I will always be very grateful for everything you have given and taught me. From now on I will work with the values which you have taught me, and with the ardour you have shown me.

Best wishes for the future,

David Wong