Kevin Teo

To the director of Men-Tsee-Khang, my dear students, and the people who made my placement a possibility,

I view community service as a duty. Given how fortunate I am to be blessed with opportunities and resources, it is only right for me to give back without expectation of reciprocation. It has thus been a privilege to teach at Men-Tsee-Khang for the past four weeks. I am proud to contribute towards the noble cause of helping Tibetans to become more connected to the world through English. Even though I am far younger than most of my students, I am very thankful that they treated me with respect, kindness and for being delightful to teach.

Dharamsala is a very beautiful place; the scenery is simply breathtaking. I have never seen such majestic mountains or such tranquil lakes before. Even so, the people in Dharamsala are more beautiful than the scenery itself. The people here are amiable and gracious; I am greeted with warm smiles everywhere I go, by staff and student alike. I have felt very welcome in Men-Tsee-Khang and I would like to put into words my sincere gratitude for the hospitality and kindness shown that made me, a guest, feel right at home. I have been continually inspired by the diligence, conscientiousness and enthusiasm that my students have shown in their endeavour to improve their fluency in English. As the saying goes, “There are many things to learn by teaching”. While I was teaching my students, I too, was learning at the same time; I learnt about the Tibetan language, about Tibetan customs and about Buddhism as a religion. I now understand the importance of protecting the rich cultural heritage that lives within each and every Tibetan and I find myself extremely fortunate to have been able to share the cause and make a meaningful contribution towards it.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for all the gifts and well wishes from the staff and students; words cannot adequately describe how grateful I am for all the thoughtful gestures. I would also like to thank the senior management – the director, the general secretary, Mdm. Kalsang Dechen and Mr. Tsteten Dorjee for helping to make this teaching placement a reality as well as a success. In the blink of an eye, my four weeks here has drawn to an end; I will be leaving with a heavy heart and might not return, but I hope that my memory and my teachings will continue to live on in my students. To sum, I wish everyone, especially my beloved students, happiness, success and fulfillment in all they do. Tashi Delek!


Yours Sincerely,

Kevin Teo
Medical Student
Trinity College, University of Cambridge
03/08/13 – 01/09/13